Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Number One Song in Hyperspace

Caught the newest band I’ve always loved last night at Supermajor’s Crash Mansion gig. Catchy yet seldom captured satellite-transistor classics from phantom beach speakers in the endless summer of love. Drummer Brian Bair, guitarist Michael Katz and bassist Patrick Malone have, it should be noted, the funk, and are not keeping it to themselves; Sarah Engelke’s keyboards are a wellspring of sonic seasons and her and singer Brooke Tarnoff’s rave-of-the-Valkyries vocals another groovy world; Jennifer Harder’s trumpet is a singularity of colliding pop/prodigy euphoria and leading man Adam Swiderski remixes the Olympian exuberance and suicide-pact sincerity that mark the true pop star and, even more rarely, make pop feel like the truth. Come see ’em at the same place May 20, the night before the fundamentalist apocalypse, when we’ll be all that’s left. This is what I never grew up for!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

pood #3 debuts at MOCCA

Hey gang!
We're bringing pood back to NYC!  That's right! -you heard it here first--pood invades
MOCCA-- on Saturday and Sunday, April 9 & 10--THIS WEEKEND! Hang on to your hats-
because we'll be debuting our latest, hottest, most spine-tingling, hilarious, action-packed artsy-fartsy alternative comics love-fest yet--the Mighty POOD no. 3!!!!

We'll be at table H8! Make sure you scope us out--we'll have all three issues of pood available--so if you've missed out on any--NOWZ the time to complete your collection!

Kevin, Alex & I will also be on hand --and we'll have lots
of other goodies available: the first issue of Kevin's
 universally acclaimed and already classic webcomic:
The Moon Prince (And if you're not keeping up with this
beautiful piece of comics lit you don't know what you're missing!)--I'll be selling my latest--fandancer-(which you're not likely to find anyplace else) as well as Look Out!Monsters--both at newly reduced prices!
Plus--we'll have a few surprise guest showing up now and again to liven the proceedings and put on a puppet show or two! (?) Well--if you ask politely--we can pretend to be puppets.
And just in case you haven't yet seen it-----here's the video preview for pood #3--just to wet your appetite!

so look for TABLE H8 at MOCCA this Saturday! See you there!