Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rugg's "Rampage"!

"Rampage!" in progress(with assistant!)
OK--if this in-progress photo of Jim Rugg's knock-out double-page centerfold spread for the upcoming pood no.4 doesn't knock your socks off then call a doctor! Get somebody to check your pulse--because, brother you must be gone, GONE from this world! I say-Cold! cold as a stone!
Pood no.4 in July Previews! JUL110903 F POOD #4(MR).)  Featuring Jim Rugg's 2-page centerfold MASTERPIECE--"RAMPAGE"!  CALL YOUR RETAILER! ORDER TODAY--before they're all gone!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Fantastic Life Arrived

42 big heavy boxes of Fantastic Life arrived today from the printer in Quebec while I was at work, so my stalwart wife had to load 'em into the basement (see below) with the help of some chivalrous neighborhood boys.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday, July 15, 2011

Moon Prince Page 69: What they were up to....

Click the picture to see the whole page.

By the way, I think I drew that guy in the purple shirt to look a bit like Joe Lieberman.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Pood no.4: the un-DC!

Tired of all the noise about DC's re-launch and the machinations of multi-million dollar media empires? Looking for an indie-alt alternative to
endless re-boots of
corporate media properties?
 Look no further, POOD is the answer!
Pood no. 4 is definitely not DC and definitely not part of the relaunch of 52 different magazines in September--
but it is in the July Previews!
(page 246 under the BIG IF COMICS imprint, order code: JUL110903 F POOD #4(MR).)

Pood is not audience -tested, created by committee comics, it is not part of a grand strategy to dominate all media, it will not generate blockbuster hollywood movies, video-games or multi-media tie-ins; pood will not be licensed to produce pood products or pood merchandise-pood toothpaste or pood soap or pood beach towels--but-----it is some of the most exciting independent creators around doing what they do best--COMICS--on a BIG Canvas!
SO--if you just want comics, big comics, newspaper comics, BIG-like they were when the Sunday comics were great; if you want to support challenging, entertaining alternatives to the industrialized product of  the major corporations, then we offer you pood no.4--comics from the heart, comics that need to be!

here are some details:

Pood no.4 has a number exciting new faces added to the mix!
For example:
the esteemed Eisner -winner Nick Abadzis,  
"Henry and Glenn Forever"'s Tom Neely
and most recently, the dynamic Avi Spivak.

Eisner nominee Jim Rugg has something in special in mind for pood no.4.--special enough that he's got the entire centerfold to work it out on!
and -pood 4 continues to feature the work of some of comicdom's brightest lights!
creators such as:
Hans Rickheit
Andres Vera Martinez
Ines Estrada
Tobias Tak
J.T. Dockery
Adam McGovern
Paolo Leandri
Kevin Mutch
Geoff Grogan

and-- an additional treat:  The legendary Mr. JOE STATON--he of the beloved E-Man, Scooby-Doo, Green Lantern and now one half of the heralded team in charge of revitalizing the legendary-DICK TRACY--- will be joining the pood crew for issue no. 4 of the world's biggest comics newspaper!

Pood no.  4 can be ordered in the July issue of Previews; page 246 under the BIG IF COMICS imprint,
order code: JUL110903 F POOD #4(MR).
July's Previews is available at your local comic shop now!!