Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Italian Jobs

Elegiac parchments of a lost American promised-land will always have their place. But this artform and this nation also owe an incalculable debt to prostitutes and barbarian warriors! (Not to slight friendly zombies and out-of-body second-person shooters -- they’re practically holding up the whole entertainment industry on their own!)

It may take European eyes to remind us of what’s at stake, which is why I’m happy to be writing the American adaptations of the Italian (and French!) hits from Italy’s GG Studio, several in stores since summer (though Diamond shipping dates may vary, very) and many available at New York Comic Con, Oct. 8-10!

From a literal-conversion guideline by Will Eisner’s main Italian translator Andrea Plazzi, I’m re-engineering the right shades of purple poetry for the somber sword-and-sorcery saga The One and seasoning the best balance of street-snark for Route des Maisons Rouges, a farcical epic of militant legal brothels in an urban war with corrupt politicians.

I’m also bringing the gallows-whimsy for A Skeleton Story (a quaint tale of mischief and redemption in a muppet-like land of the dead), squalid sarcasm for Ethan? (question-mark included, the Matrix-y pulp-boiler about a thug who keeps dying in other people’s bodies), and sense of enchantment and intrigue to Mediterranea (an unusual thriller about a young prophet-babe in a neo-ancient Greece that anchored a very thoughtful GG review by these podcast guys here).

GG will be at booth 2165 for all three days of the Northeast’s most sprawling con; stop by, buy comics, and maybe see me if I can find it myself!

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