Monday, November 22, 2010

pood#2 arriving in November

Hey Poodsters--
 I know it's been a long time--but your patience is about to be rewarded! POOD #2 is on its way to comics shops ----as we speak!  Fret not!Your prayers are about to be answered. The long months pining in abstinence to be rewarded!  Your cravings for more Rugg, Corbett, Martinez, and the rest of our resident pood-meisters will soon be sated!  But ---
what to do in the meantime--what to carry you through the next few days in anticipation! Just to show we're always thinking of you ---we've prepared an appetizer-- a taste!-a small  sample to whet your appetite!
Our latest pood movie:
Pood2_The Son of pood!  Enjoy!

and make sure you check out our pood movie channel for a few other little treats!

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