Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Waist deep in the Big Muddy: Copying from the Masters; Week 3

forgot to tell ya': Week 3 of Copying the Masters began yesterday over at Pulp Ink! It's down to the wire and I'm working feverishly away with my markers and my sketchbook to make 5 MORE COVERS before the months end! To realize my goal of 28 covers for 28 days in February! Why? Who the hell knows? Seems like a studpid idea to me--but I'm committed to it! And it won't be the first(or last) stupid idea someone has committed great energy and great resources to!(You should my bill for prismacolors!)
AGH!-hunkered over the kitchen table-Not eating---not drinking- not speaking--just ...marking! Markers running dry--sketchbook running out of paper---looks like the odds are stacked against me!
But I won't let you down--all 5 of you --who keep checking back every day.(Or maybe those are just my own page views?)
So-head on over to Pulp Ink--and see what all this fuss---at least my fuss--is about!

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