Sunday, June 19, 2011

BIG BIG BIG pood News!!! Comics great Joe Staton in Pood no. 4!

Hey There Poodsters!This is without a doubt, the biggest, most spectacular PoodNews yet!  The legendary Mr. JOE STATON--he of the beloved E-Man, Scooby-Doo, Green Lantern and now one half of the heralded team in charge of revitalizing the legendary-DICK TRACY--- will be joining the pood crew for issue no. 4 of the world's biggest comics newspaper!
Kevin and I are both big, big fanboys when it comes to the great, great E-Man-- one of the most original and entertaining creations of the bronze age of comics-so we couldn't be more thrilled to welcome Joe aboard. We can't wait to see what he's cooking up for this ish!(my own early-90's comic hero, Dr. Speck, is in no small way indebted to the work of Joe and partner Nick Cuti on E-Man, so this is a big thrill for me, believe me!)
So--the details:
Pood no.  4 can be ordered in the July issue of Previews; page 246 under the BIG IF COMICS imprint, order code: JUL110903 F POOD #4(MR).
July's Previews is available at your local comic shop on June 29th!
(*** retailers--be sure to check out the incentive offer!)

Pood no.4 is shaping up to be our biggest, most spectacular issue yet--with some exciting new faces added to the mix! For example:
the esteemed Eisner -winner Nick Abadzis,  

"Henry and Glenn Forever"'s Tom Neely
order Tom's newest graphic novel; "The Wolf" here

and most recently, the dynamic Avi Spivak.

but WAIT!!!
that's not all!

Eisner nominee Jim Rugg had told us he has something truly astounding planned for this ish--SO astounding in fact, that we've given him the entirety of the double-page centerfold to work his magic upon!
And finally-last but not least
-pood 4 continues to feature the work of some of comicdom's brightest lights!
creators such as:

Hans Rickheit
Andres Vera Martinez
Ines Estrada
Tobias Tak
J.T. Dockery
Adam McGovern
Paolo Leandri
Kevin Mutch
& yours truly, GG

So what's the next step? What do you need to do to make your life complete?
ORDER POOD NO.4 from the JULY "PREVIEWS"--out on June 29th!
Go directly to PAGE 246, BIG IF COMICS--look for the image at the top of this blog entry--and write in the order number: JUL110903 F POOD #4(MR)

stay tuned! We'll keep you posted with the latest, greatest pood no.4 news! This one's got it all!

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