Monday, July 4, 2011

Pood no.4: the un-DC!

Tired of all the noise about DC's re-launch and the machinations of multi-million dollar media empires? Looking for an indie-alt alternative to
endless re-boots of
corporate media properties?
 Look no further, POOD is the answer!
Pood no. 4 is definitely not DC and definitely not part of the relaunch of 52 different magazines in September--
but it is in the July Previews!
(page 246 under the BIG IF COMICS imprint, order code: JUL110903 F POOD #4(MR).)

Pood is not audience -tested, created by committee comics, it is not part of a grand strategy to dominate all media, it will not generate blockbuster hollywood movies, video-games or multi-media tie-ins; pood will not be licensed to produce pood products or pood merchandise-pood toothpaste or pood soap or pood beach towels--but-----it is some of the most exciting independent creators around doing what they do best--COMICS--on a BIG Canvas!
SO--if you just want comics, big comics, newspaper comics, BIG-like they were when the Sunday comics were great; if you want to support challenging, entertaining alternatives to the industrialized product of  the major corporations, then we offer you pood no.4--comics from the heart, comics that need to be!

here are some details:

Pood no.4 has a number exciting new faces added to the mix!
For example:
the esteemed Eisner -winner Nick Abadzis,  
"Henry and Glenn Forever"'s Tom Neely
and most recently, the dynamic Avi Spivak.

Eisner nominee Jim Rugg has something in special in mind for pood no.4.--special enough that he's got the entire centerfold to work it out on!
and -pood 4 continues to feature the work of some of comicdom's brightest lights!
creators such as:
Hans Rickheit
Andres Vera Martinez
Ines Estrada
Tobias Tak
J.T. Dockery
Adam McGovern
Paolo Leandri
Kevin Mutch
Geoff Grogan

and-- an additional treat:  The legendary Mr. JOE STATON--he of the beloved E-Man, Scooby-Doo, Green Lantern and now one half of the heralded team in charge of revitalizing the legendary-DICK TRACY--- will be joining the pood crew for issue no. 4 of the world's biggest comics newspaper!

Pood no.  4 can be ordered in the July issue of Previews; page 246 under the BIG IF COMICS imprint,
order code: JUL110903 F POOD #4(MR).
July's Previews is available at your local comic shop now!!

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  1. Dear Gawdmahn, I can't wait to get my hands on this. Thought it was going to be in my pullbox this week... :( PS- HERO COMIX are getting lame-o.