Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Process Post: Captain Adam Page 1

I just realized that this is the (eek!) 20th anniversary of my narrative collage, Captain Adam, which was made by cutting up various old comic books and magazines and combining the resultant pile of panels to make a new "story" which I re-drew so as to impose a modicum of legibility.

Captain Adam was printed with the help of an arts council grant up in my native Canada and wound up being distributed to comics shops (and even newsstands) all over North America via Vortex publishing, so literally hundreds of people probably picked it up, thought "what the hell is this? Is this supposed to make sense?" and put it back down. Ah, well.

On the left we see the final art for the first page of the story (with grey tones added digitally many years later when it was reprinted in Blurred Vision 2. On the right is the original collage. You can see higher rez versions of the whole story HERE, or if you're interested, you can actually buy a copy of Captain Adam HERE.

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