Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Hobgoblin of My Little Mind

If you're familiar with the history of my graphic novels Fantastic Life and its sequel The Rough Pearl, you're probably aware that - like many artists - I have a habit of revising my work a lot. Usually I'll get some number of pages into a story and realize that the style I'm using has changed, or some detail of a character's appearance has gotten inconsistent - and the next thing I know I'm reworking the old pages so they match better.

So now I've decided it's time to revisit the first 40 pages of The Moon Prince! Here's an animated gif showing the difference between the old version and the new one. The most obvious difference is that Molly's pose has changed (to make her look more tired), but notice that her braids have also changed a lot, and that the drawing lines have gotten thinner, especially in the background. There's lots of other little changes to the word balloons and text, the color and contrast and so forth.

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