Thursday, February 11, 2010

Announcing the world famous, wildly populare "what is pood?" contest

All of this buzzing buzzing buzzing:
"pood? pood. what about "pood?"


what--- you have not heard of this pood?

we all know pood is gude.

but know we want you to tell us
what pood dood.
A contest! A pood contest ! For a valuable pood prize! HAH!

Hah! Beginning next Monday(the 15th)-- be the first reader to tell us what pood is---(our pood--not any of those inferior brand poods) --specifically -to our satisfaction(* and "our satisfaction" is yet to be determined and may change at any time without reason or rhyme) and you will win! Something! Hah!.
A Car! that's it! You will win .. .A CAR! A FREE CAR! HAH!
A car that uses absolutely no gas! HAH!
Yes--this car--right here--this one--:

hah--well not exactly this one--but one very much like it.
well, not really like it at all really. but small. A small car! How small you ask? Small enough to fit in your mailbox! What will they think of next?
& one that comes almost from the owner's very valuable(to him anyway) collection of little cars--almost-like matchbox cars(but not quite)-
-so SO ! there it is:
the 1st annual "what is pood?" contest! get ready!

we will also have second and third place. Third place will receive one pood when we have determined what that is and when it gets here. (in march or april). 2nd place has to give us something. Maybe---an ipad. or iphone. or something "i".(discount coupons for ihop,maybe?)

but...big BUT--- there is... a catch.

HAH! you thought there would not be a catch? Then you do not know American capitalism, did you? dood you?

you must describe this pood--our(Kevin, Alex's & mine) pood--what we are doing that we call pood--as accurately as it is possible to the nth degree (x4)-----but you must be ...MORE specific than that- ----HAH!MORE!
-it will not do to use the "A" word without describing how the "A" looks or acts--or tastes-if you try to eat it. Which I would not recommend.
so there. So --beginning next week-(like --on Monday)
we will take your best guesses!HAH! HAve at it you! and may you all lose your wallets and belts and credit cards...

we will offer hints if we feel like it.

and the first person who answers the "what is pood?" question most accurately will be the winner! Winners will be announced next Thursday , the 18th-around noon EST.
2nd and third place will be runners-up. hah! good luck to all!

oh! Submit your answers to: the comments section of this post! We will read them and comment( or not)--and reveal the correct answer next Thursday! or not. depends.

eligible contestants must --have /no connection to pood or pood people--
-no one named
pood or who seems pood-like **--
(** proving that you are not pood-like requires that one answer a series of arduous and undignified questions that pry into your deepest personal thoughts and abuses and will be broadcast to the entire world via this pood blog. These questions will be asked by a neutral third party who went to high school with you and always resented you for being one of the cool kids and has been waiting all these many years to enact revenge upon you for your absolute coolness. Or not. OR no questions will be asked at all. you never know.
Participating in this contest indicates that the participant understands and acknowledges that all of this is tongue-in-cheek, and that they won't hold any of us here at the pood blog libel for anything said here or anywhere pertaining to this contest. In fact it is an acknowledgment that this contest may not even exist--but except for the fact that there will be a winner(or not) and they will get a tiny little matchbox like kinda car--in the mail, even.(maybe--if we feel nice that day) So read the fine print. none of this may be true.)

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