Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Pood for the world

hah! So--hah! So you have been wundering and surmizzing and contemplating the pood! and what it is! Hah! But none of you has known! Hah!HAHHAH! hah! So I will tell you!

It is this! Yes-pood is this! A BIG newspaper, BIG BIG! With Comics! (and no newz!)And COLOR! And some not color too!

It is old skool! It flies in the face of ipad and iphone and kindle and everything that makes sense for media distribution in today's contemporary thingy! It does not travel electronically! Pood sits on a desk or a table or a chair and is opened and folded and flipped through with hands! It is packed in boxes and weighs 900 pounds! It can be used for reading and entertainment and then it can be used to wrap packages and start fires and puppy potty training! Hah! HAH!

but you won't want to use pood for puppy potty training! Not only is it redundant-but
pood is so nice, so... beautiful-with such mind-boogling works of art that will be remembered and cherished for time immemorial --that you will not want to start fires with it! No! you will frame each wonderful page(at your own expense) and hang them all around your house! So nice! So decorative! There is a page for every color scheme!

so--hah! there are pages--more than one!(16) and big, BIG! 17" x 23"! WOW! Put that in your pipe and smoke it!hah!
And there are comicS! Not like Milton Berle or Red Buttons or Shecky Greene(!)-No!No!
like Sara Edward Corbett and Joe Infurnari and Jim Rugg(with Brian Maruca) and Hans Rickheit! Like Connor Willumsen and Andres Vera Martinez and Chris Capuozzo and Lance Hansen! like Bishakh Som and Henrik Rehr, Mark Sunshine and Tobias Tak and Fintan Taite!Like Adam McGovern and Paolo Leandri and Geoff Grogan and Kevin Mutch!
And they are funny! FUNNY! Yes! Just like they were when they played the Catskills, back in the day!

What else? HAH! I scoff at the question!HAH! SCOFF!
There is else! pood debuts at the MOCCA festival, Saturday, April 10, 2010! At the Blurred Books tables! Which are now the pood tables! (Some people like to play pood on a pood table with pood balls!) for $4.00 a copy!! four smackers pal! four buckaroos! four clams! How can we offer something so big so wonderful for 4 bucks?How?!!
Because pood is run amok! AMOK! AMOK! HAhahahhahahaha.! ha-heh! ha.

IMPORTANT!!!! IMPORTANTE!!! IMPOORTANTAE! And then--then---if you have missed pood at MoCCA---you can ORDER POOD IN the MAY PREVIEWS from DIAMOND COMICS under the BIG IF COMICS IMPRINT!!!!!

I will! And I have 900 pounds of these in my garage! That is how much I like it!

pood from BIG IF COMICS! MAY PREVIEWS! $4! Buy It! Order it! Buy it for your mother! for your grandmother! for your friends! for their mothers! for my grandmother! for my friends' grandmothers! They will thank you for it!


  1. hello, how can i buy it from italy?

  2. because we LOVE Italy--LOVE!(especially Toscana!) we would bring you a copy ourselves if we had not spent all our money making it already! SO-----we will arrange a way for customers to make purchases online-which Kevin and Alex may already have a plan for!Because they make plans these two--they cover the bases! They know all kinds of stuff!

    Keep checking back--we will make an announcement very soon! They may have something in the works as we speak!

  3. tahnk you so much!

  4. I heard tale that pood is hand delivered by unfrozen reanimated cadavers of the Sanada family, a renowned ninja clan. Genetically altered with leg muscle densities that rival the jaws of the long extinct Dunkleosteus...to ensure pood is delivered timely and undamaged.

  5. Hello

    Pood looks great, will you be at NYCC so I can pick it up direct from you?

    are you taking submissions for future compilations or anthologies?

  6. Pood review, doodes: http://www.reglarwiglar.com/reviews/ComicsReviews.html

    Also Hans Rickheit interview: http://www.reglarwiglar.com/RWone_four/HansRickheit.html