Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Off the Grid

Greetings from the halfway there -- the blank spaces that hold the
pictures in place. The plotted grooves between which the scenes are
planted. A net of new roads reaching from idea to image, the terrain
taking shape as its destinations demand. Pathways forming to fit new
thoughts and dreamed experience. Paolo’s and my story in the first
imprint of pood is a roadmap to a phantom landscape, its shapes and
spaces the runes of a lost lexicon of permanence and place. A mirage
itself, materializing in the electronic space between Europe and
America, and the psychic gulf between the misfit frontier and the pop
familiar. This is what eternally matters, as matter dissolves and
reforms -- the borders between the boxes, the white space of permanent
possibility. We’ll see you on the path from edge to edge.

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