Thursday, September 30, 2010

Crawling Back

You've thrilled to Paolo Leandri's art in pood! You've wondered in suspense if that page is the only time I can keep it brief! Have that and many other mysteries answered on DECEMBER 22 when Paolo, I and color-magician Dom Regan make our six-page Image Comics debut with a story of the obscure Green Arrow wannabe (and frustrated sentence-fragment) Alias the Spider in the latest edition of THE NEXT ISSUE PROJECT, the anthology that explores what-would-ever-have-happened-to a pile of comics titles that went out of business and into public domain 50-60 years ago! Ours is a.k.a. CRACK COMICS #63; look for the great period-lurid Alan Weiss cover or the great period-innocent variant by Mike Allred, and ask your local dealer to order Diamond code OCT100451 (Weiss) or OCT100452 (Allred)! At 48 pages and "golden age size" it'll be the biggest, most timewarping comic not in newsprint!

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