Monday, June 9, 2014

The Rough Pearl Page 44: Hypocrisy

Hi, everyone:

A little over three years ago I started a new graphic novel called The Rough Pearl, which is a sequel to my first book, Fantastic Life. I got about thirty pages into it and then - as is often the case with me - I decided to redraw the entire thing in an entirely different style (I wanted more “gravitas”!).

This meant that anyone who'd been following the story had to wait an entire year while I uploaded new versions of all the same pages they'd already read. Finally, last year, I caught up to where I'd left off in the story and produced ten totally new pages. At that point, I realized I wasn't sure where the story should go next, and decided to sit down and write the rest of the book - so as to avoid drawing myself into a corner later!

Writing the rest of the book took almost a year, after which I sat down and started drawing the new pages. Here, after all the stops and starts, is the first page of the rest of the book. I hope to produce a new page every week or two, and I hope you'll come back and check them out. If you'd like to catch up on the previous pages in the story, they're all HERE.

Thanks for reading!


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