Sunday, July 18, 2010

Look Out!Monsters Sale!

It's a SALE! A big, oversize comic book basement clearing bonanza! That's right poodsters--It's time to put a new roof on the barn--and that means we need cash, cold hard cash gang! So--the first big Look Out!Monsters publishing-- blow-out the old stock- summer-steel roof and gutter sale is taking place over at RIGHT NOW!--where you will find all kinds of groovy goodies at low,low prices! You heard it! Low LOW Prices! Prices have been slashed-SLASHED- to make room for new models and to help me buy some metal roofing! That's right-I'm practically giving this stuff away--cos I have boxes of my own AWARD-WINNING Comics--that's right-comics that have won an award--just waiting for some lucky investment conscious comics collector to abscond with! Think of it! A comic that has won an award-for your very own--all for $5. that's right-a comic book that has won an award--for five smackeroos! You don't get an award--just to make that clear--but you'll have the satisfaction of knowing you own a comic book that at one time won an award.
And then there are other NON-AWARD WINNING comic books for sale! Even better! Comics that have not won awards! So--put that in you pipe and smoke it! You can have non-award winning comics by this very artist at cheap, bargain basement prices
and they are going fast-FAST--over at! So hurry up! Don't let this momentous occasion pass you by! head on over to today! Tell em pood sent ya--and see what it gets you!

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