Sunday, July 4, 2010

new work: fandancer

*Ok-if you happened to tune into this page last Sunday around mid-afternoon NY time, you mighta caught this image with a different logo and different title. Suffice to say-a benevolent follower of the pood blog warned me off the first title for my new project so that I might avoid any conflicts with large corporations of the possessive kind. thanks follower!
& so goes the process of creation! Herein then--let me introduce the cover of my new book as it shall ever henceforth and forwith be known: "fandancer" (which I think is a cooler and more appropriate title anyway!)--going to print before the month is done--and available sometime, somewhere this summer.
I'll tell ya more about it later--for now, let's just say it's my super-heroine mystic weirdness romance comic. So dwell on that for a while and as the summer (and the book) progresses I'll keep you informed and post a few more samples.

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