Thursday, July 15, 2010

pood mania!

check it out! the scene at comic shops this past Wednesday!

Comics fans! pood mania's breaking out all over as pood #1 hit the stores this Wednesday. The phones haven't stopped ringing here at poodquarters! We've heard stories of people storming the gates, climbing over one another, ripping comics out of other customers hands, pulling hair, mounting anger, violent behavior, cursing and screaming and then deliriously happy customer satisfaction ----all kinds of things about Superman #701 and that other quarterly comics anthology. We'd like to hear some of those things about pood!
So write us and let us hear your thoughts and comments. And thanks to all the retailers! Thanks to all the readers! We sincerely hope you get your entertainment dollar out of this little paper we've put together . We'd love to hear your thoughts and comments-so pass em along--so we can put your ideas to use and make pood #2 even better.
oops! I let it slip--that's right! you heard it! Pood #2 will hit the stores just in time for Turkey day--November 2010! And the same cast of indy-comics characters will be back with their wild wild comics on the giganticus scale-so look for pood #2 in the September issue of Diamond's "Previews" ! What could be better than pood #1? pood #2!
So-- watch this blog for more news and previews as we get closer to September!
And now-back to the pood-a-scope-to monitor the progress of our planetary takeover!
later poodsters!

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