Monday, April 12, 2010

MoCCA pix!

Fresh off the ol' iPhone:

Here's Squirrel Machine author and pood contributor Hans Rickheit relaxing pood-side.

And here we see pood authors Henrik Rehr and Adam McGovern drinking in the vastness that is a pood spread.

Henrik and Hans admiring each other's elbows behind piles of pood

pood artist Mark Sunshine (right) crosses forearms with equally tatt'ed 
cartoonist Josh Bayer. Ouch!

poodtributors Tobias Tak and Bishakh Som looking fabulous!

From left: Sara Edward-Corbett, Connor Willumsen, and Tobias Tak, behind piles of pood

pooditors Alex Rader, Kevin Mutch, and Geoff Grogan

and Junior poodster Max Mutch enjoying a plum while flogging his unauthorized Batman epic: Riddler's Revenge!


  1. Awesome! Any chance you'll be at C2E2 this coming weekend?

  2. No--while "Riddler's Revenge" sold out--Max said it still wasn't enough to cover his airfare.