Wednesday, April 14, 2010

pood roundup

Here's a few links to various pood plugs around the interwebospheres:

The New York Daily News has pood listed as one of the best comics at MoCCA. Click here (we're the 8th one, I think).

Heidi MacDonald takes note of pood over at her Publisher's Weekly blog

Comics Journal blogger/critic Marc Sobel mentions pood over at Trouble With Comics.

Act-i-vate co-founder Michel Fiffe has nice things to say over at his site.

And for those of you wishing they could have made the pood party at ArtLexis gallery, here's a quick shot from back in the office:

PS: here's a bonus shot of pooditors Geoff Grogan and Kevin Mutch (plus Alex Rader's shoulder on the left) counting the giant stacks of cash generated by pood's boffo reception at MoCCA.

1 comment:

  1. When I see that picture of Kevin and Geoff counting the dough, I just KNOW that the masses will rise up and overthrow the oppressors REAL soon! (As soon as I get around to pumping the tires of my bike, actually.)