Thursday, April 8, 2010


So! HAH! Here is the skinny! The Buzz! the latest dope! the scoop! The up to the Whas-s-s...! there is only one place where you can get pood this weekend--only one place where you can buy for your very ownsome THE BIGGEST COMIC on EARTH- for only 4 bucks! YEAH!
(that is- unless the estimable Lou Wysocki decides to sell the prize copy that is winging its way to him as we speak!)
and that place is 25th and Lex in the BIG APPLE! THE 69th REGIMENT ARMORY--home to all kinds of historical events- the place where Marcel Duchamp exhibited his explosion in a shingle factory in 1913--YES!-home of the MoCCA festival 2010! Which is now and forevermore to be known as the pood festival-- Saturday & Sunday, 11-6! All of your pood pals will be on hand to sign your pood purchases and hold forth on the cultural significance of this watershed moment in the history of planet earth!
and here-as proof--our signing schedule-as they call these things:

12-1 Lance Hansen and Adam McGovern
1-2: Henrik Rehr and Hans Rickheit
2-3 Tobias Tak, Mark Sunshine and Bishakh Som
3-4 Bishakh Som, Connor Willumsen and Sara Edward Corbett

12-1: Andres Vera Martinez & Kevin Mutch( well-we haven't confirmed this with his agent as yet-so it's subject to change)
1-2: Henrik Rehr and Adam McGovern
2-3: Tobias Tak and Hans Rickheit
3-4: Connor Willumsen & Sara Edward Corbett

So We'll See you at the armory! At pood festival 2010!

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