Monday, April 12, 2010

What I saw at MoCCA 2010

HAH! What I saw at MoCCA 2010 was a lot of pood flying off the table! HAH!
And I did not see more because I was overwhelmed with the demand for pood! HAH! we friggin sold out of pood! So like wow! Thanks everyone!
And then the lines! There were lines, lines!!! Lines of people across from us waiting to see Jaime Hernandez. And then those folks stuck behind those lines bounced into our table and felt guilty and so they bought pood! Excellent!!
Thanks, Jaime! We love you!
And now those guilty ones are now our fans! our people! The pood minority. HAH! And there were a lot of them-because Jaime was really jamming up the aisle!

So that is what I saw--oh --and the ceiling of the armory when I began to feel dizzy from standing too long and all that spring sinus stuff was happening. HAH! Oh--and I spilled water on my shirt and it looked just like a Robert Motherwell "Elegy for the Spanish Republic". that was pretty cool.
there it is then. the pood report.
But what else? I don't know. I'll look at the other blogs to find out.
But today--TODAY!--Kevin is going to put up pictures from the pood experience at MoCCA2010!! So check that out--cos they will be wondrous! Astounding! Unlike any convention pictures in the history of convention pictures! Because a lot was happening at the pood table! I can't even believe I witnessed it all! My eyes-mine eyes! Are they still in my head? I don't know-it was too much! Laughter and sneezing. Coughing and wheezing! IT's true! All of that happened at the pood table. And more! Check back to see the pictures!
So--ok then! bye for now!

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